Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Governors Ball 2014 Preview

Governors Ball is one of the most exciting festivals out there.  It is relatively new, but each year the lineup gets more and more absurd, and this year may be the best yet.  Headliners include the newly reformed (for now) Outkast, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes and Phoenix.  This years edition of Gov Ball is also very important, because I will be in attendance.  Since the weekend is almost upon us, I enlisted fellow blogger and best buddy of mine Matt Rizzini, who runs One Nation, Under Dance, and just recently graced the interweb with his own festival season preview which you can take a gander at here: One Nation, Under Dance.  I decided to kick it old school and just have a good ol' fashioned Facebook chat with Matthew and see whet's goin' on with him and see what he's looking forward to about Gov Ball, since, like me, he will also be there.

Matt: I got another fuckin' potato.

Jim: Greetings and welcome to the first annual One Breakfast at Jimothy's Under Dance Hall Nation.  That is amazing.  Those damn potatoes will catch up to you.

M: Yup yup ok.

J: Alright ya know what let's just get this shit started.  I figure we'll each answer questions one after the other, ya know?

M: ok. ok.

J: Alright first thing is first.  Hipster Time: who is a lesser known artist you can't wait to see?

M: Classixx.  A nu-disco group that will be busting out the keyboards and synthesizers to perform live. It'll be a laid back set which will be a perfect way to start off a Saturday loaded with big name acts later on in the day.  How bout you?

J: You can never really go wrong with nu-disco as I always say.  I've been wanting to say the Kills for this question because they're so under appreciated, but they are kinda sorta biggish, so I'm gonna take Tanlines here.

M: Hey well we can go from Tanlines right to Classixx and revel in all our hipster glory.

J: That's not a bad idea.  Next up, is there anyone playing who you are looking forward to seeing again?

M: Oh yeah, Phoenix.  Saw them at the House of Blues (Boston) and now I can't wait to see how they play on a festival main stage.  Friday night.  Sun will be setting by the end.  I'll probably find my wife during this set.

J: Ya know, I always did like your optimism.  If I were to ask myself this questions a few days ago, I'd be at a loss.  That all changed this past Saturday when, I dunno if you heard but I saw the Strokes play at the Capitol Theatre for a warmup show.  I'm guessing they played that show to get all the kinks out before Gov Ball, but there weren't all that many kinks to be worked out.  They were awesome.  I was blown away by how they made some songs like 12:51 sound better than the actual studio version.

M: I would have place a $250 bet that you would have picked the Strokes for the answer to that question.

J: Then you would not have lost any money.  Also it hit me that the only other band I've seen before in this lineup is Sleigh Bells I believe.

M: I'm actually really looking forward to Sleigh Bells too.  That'll be great in the Gotham Tent.

J: Insert Batman joke here.


J: MOVING ON!!! I'm calling this segment "ask the expert".  As the head scribe of One Nation, Under Dance, which button pusher are you looking forward to seeing out there the most on the 1's and 2's?

M: Funny you ask.  None really.  As far as I can tell there will only be 3 true DJ sets at Gov Ball- RJD2, Skrillex and Axwell^Ingrosso.  I don't really know RJD2, I'm probably gonna catch most of Jack White instead of Skrillex, and I'm not too crazy about the 2/3 of Swedish House Mafia playing.

J: I am actually stunned by this.

M: There are several electronic acts that will be playing live however, and I can say that since I have seen Disclosure before, I am most looking forward to finally seeing the Bloody Beetroots live.  It's going to be nutz.

J: Okay, makes sense.  I was getting worried there for a second.  I thought you were pulling my arm there for a hot minute!

M: Empire of the Sun, Glitch Mob, Disclosure, Bloody Beetroots, Classixx.  Plenty of good live electronica for those ravers out there.

J: You all know who you are!  For me, I have to answer this while leading into a new question.  I'm saying Disclosure, but the problem is, they are playing the same time as Broken Bells, so I'm not quite sure which I'll see.  So, Matthew, which time conflict is the most heart wrenching to you?

M: Pushing aside Skrillex vs. Jack White, because I'm pretty set on seeing at least most of Jack before maybe seeing some of Sonny.  So I'm gonna go with Naked and Famous vs. the Glitch Mob.  Both shows will be great.  It's going to come down to how I'm feeling at the moment.  Thinking about splitting them up since the stages are close.

J: That's an interesting idea.  I, like you, will make a game time decision between Outkast and Damon Albarn (blur, Gorillaz frontman/mastermind).  I do enjoy me some Outkast every now and then, but I have been a fan of blur since I was about 7 when that WOOHOO song came out, and the Gorillaz are a classic, but who knows what kind of a setlist he'll play solo.  Also, I feel like it'll be interesting seeing him since everyone else will be at Outkast.
Won Me Over With the Jean Jacket

M: I'm picturing a very small crowd for Damon.  Could be pretty cool.

J: Exactly.  It would be a bit intimate.  Speaking of intimate!  Are there any eye candy you'll be locking your peepers on up on stage this weekend?  Let me tell ya, that Sexi Lexi Krauss from Sleigh Bells makes me weak at the knees, and it's always a pleasure to catch a glimpse of her live and in person.

Hubba Hubba. Oh and Hello Derek.  I Guess.

M: I can't remember what Sexi Lexi looks like since last time I saw Sleigh Bells I was about a mile away.  So I'm gonna go with Banks, but she is early on Sunday so hopefully we make it there in time.  She's pretty pretty.

J: Pretty pretty is high praise.  I know you hold all ladies up to the highest of standards when it comes to looks.  So Banks is pretty easy on the ol' peepers you're saying?  Anyways.  Starting to wrap things up, what food are you most intrigued by from the list of various vendors and is there anyone you feel is missing from this lineup?

M: Man oh man the food lineup is probably the best looking food lineup I've seen at a festival.  The mac and cheese looks delicious but I'm not sure I want to scarf down a plate of mac and cheese before I dance the night away.  So my pick is the Mile End Deli and the Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwiches.  And Cage the Elephant is missing from this lineup.  With the energy they seem to bring to their live performances, they should be at every festival.  But overall I think this is a fantastic lineup.

J:  I'm certainly going with the macaroni and cheese vendor as the most intriguing, I don't care if it effects my dancing or not.  The other dark horse vendor which could be a crowd pleaser is the Nugget Spot.  Harkens back to chicken nugget day back in college.  As for the band that needs to be in this lineup, I'm with you that it's a fantastic lineup, but I feel like my dudes and chick in Fucked Up deserve to be here considering they have a new album that just came out today.  They'd add a punch of hardcore shredding to this lineup, but since they played here last year I guess it makes sense they aren't coming.  Last question now: which headliner is gonna crush it the most at Gov Ball 2014?

M: Jack White.  As long as he doesn't bring up Meg White or the Black Keys and just shreds.

J: I also am going with Jack White.  He's someone we'll be telling our grandkids about, and I love how he just plays music from all the various bands he's been in (White Stripes, Dead Weather, Raconteurs).  He may be kind of an asshole, but he caters to the fans, which sometimes can be a bit rare today.

M: He better play Icky Thump.

J:  If he doesn't will it ruin your weekend?

M: Nope.  Because it's almost impossible to have a bad weekend at a music festival.

J: Now that's the spirit!!!  I think this went well.

M:  Agreed.  It was a swell time.

J: Now go get on with your packing!!!

M:  Off to find my earplugs!

J: Geez Louise.

M:  When is this baby going up?

J: After I finish watching this episode of Monday Night Raw from '99.

M:  Hey okay I'm looking forward to it.

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