Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saturday: It Comes After Friday

Joe Dimaggio once said "They can boo as loud as they can cheer", which can be a suitable quote for many situations regarding fame.  One situation resulting in fame where it didn't quite make as much sense was when Rebecca Black disgraced us all with the release of her track 'Friday'.  The boo's outweighed the cheers by a lot, and with good reason.  Her song was catchy in the 'why-is-this-in-my-head-oh-my-god-get-it-out' way, which is never good. On top of that, the video for the song just added insult to injury. Nickelback could make a video making fun of the whole concept of music videos, and it still wouldn't get as much hate as 'Friday' did. Recently, one of my dearest friends (also Cranston, RI's finest)  Erin Murtagh brought to my attention that a sequel has been made to 'Friday', surprisingly entitled 'Saturday'.  When I first blogged about 'Friday' two years ago, my mom once told me to "stop picking on the poor girl".  I then played the song to her and she said "never mind, go for it".  'Saturday' may be even worse.  Rebecca Black is bringing this upon herself, stretching her 15 minutes of fame into 20 minutes.  No one should feel bad anymore, because she went through the grief and embarrassment of Friday, and still decided to make 'Saturday'.  There will be no feeling sorry for you, Rebecca.  

  • :05 "This is my jam, where's the peanut butter?".  It took less than 5 seconds for me to hate this song for life. This is like a terrible inside joke that 8th grade girls have between themselves before getting to high school and hating each other.  Good to see she is still a lyrical genius. 
  • :07 "2 pm, getting' out of my bed"- okay, I can agree with the lifestyle of waking up on a Saturday at 2 pm.  We finally agree on something. 
  • Looks like quite the rager they had last night.  'Friday' came out about 2 years ago, when she was like 13 right?  So she's around 15 now?  Maybe?  Basically she has gone from underage driving in the 'Friday' video to underage drinking in 'Saturday'.  What will come first, Rebecca, college or rehab?
  • 0:18 Definitely writing 'Fun Fun Fun' on my passed out friends with a sharpie the next time it happens.  Can't get much lower than waking up with a lyric from 'Friday' written in permanent marker on your face.  That sort of thing can sober a man up real quick.  
  • 0:27 Who is she to steal another man's cereal?  That kid from now on can say "Rebecca Black hijacked my Frosted Flakes in the video for 'Saturday'. Also, what is the kid on the cell phone cooking back there?  Looks like he melted chocolate to see what would happen or something. 
  • :54  Yay!  Interpretive hand dancing!!!
  • 1:08-1:13 "Just gotta find my…pants".  This kid could have a starring comedy role on a Disney channel show with a comedic wit like that. 
  • Thinking about it now, if this song doesn't kill EDM, I don't think anything will. 
  • 1:14 Wait, a guest vocalist on her track, but it's not the creepy black guy from 'Friday'?  Mind=blown.  Seems like a kid who just became edgy and upgraded form Hollister to PacSun.  This kid is the combination of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button mixed with the frontman from Cobra Starship.  
  • "Want you here right next to me"  Really.  Really?  Of all the people in the world to help your own music career blossom, you want Rebecca Black to be the person next to you?  Calling bullshit on that one.
  • 1:19 if you pause it just right, what the hell is with all the signs for toe rings?  Are toe rings coming back in style?  I hope not.  Then again, a toe ring comeback would be killed off very quickly after being shown in a Rebecca Black video. 
  • 1:30 "Hey, we need some pyro in this video, what does our budget look like?" "Well, we can afford, like, a mini smoke bomb from the ice cream truck down the street, and a couple of sparklers that I have in my kitchen drawer from last July 4th." "Sounds good." 
  • 1:37 "Cause this is our song, we can do no wrong" this lyric may also be true, because after 'Friday', there is nothing else possible you can do more wrong.  This is close though.  
  • 1:45  Sunglasses at night?  Come on.  Already been done.  80's legend Cory Hart would sue for getting ripped off, but he doesn't want to be associated with this song. 
"Hey that totally ripped off my song...actually nvm don't care."
  • Apparently my invite was lost in the mail and/or cyberspace for this sweet rager.
  • 2:11  Good to see Barney the Dinosaur's sidekick Baby Bop (spelling?) make a comeback.  Poor girl is probably wishing for a 2nd ice age after seeing this video go viral.  
Back from the dead!
  • 2:16 Who plays poker in the middle of a raging house party?  
  • 2:20  There he is.  The token black hipster friend who can dance. 
  • 2:33 So, everyone is dressed normally for the party, but Santa with blue hair and a Hawaiian tourist show up?  The plot for this video needs some work. 
  • 2:42 MILEY CYRUS LOOKALIKE HOLY SHIT!!!!!  POP DIVA SHOWDOWN!!!!! Seriously though, can Rebecca Black and Miley Cyrus fight to death and just get it over with/contribute to society?
  • 3:02 Hey, I think I know that guy: 
Thought he looked familiar. 
  • 3:14 Nice 'Risky Business' costume.  This is probably the most popular college Halloween costume that groups of freshmen girls wear, without ever seeing the actual movie.  Were these kids even born when 'Risky Business' came out?  Wait, was I even born when 'Risky Business' came out? 
  • 3:43 So you're telling me that a cop arrests a kid and still allows himself and the alleged perpetrator to be dragged into a party?  What's with the perp saying Rebecca's name?  Is he a stalker?  Maybe a hired hit man attempting to take her out?  Is he a Kanye West impersonator?  That last question was actually serious.  
  • 3:49 "Hey how do we end this video?"  "Let's have the cop call the kid 'Junior'" "Okay."

Well now.  That sucked.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Out of basically nowhere, it was reported that the MBTA will be offering late night service on Friday's and Saturday's starting at March.  This is the best news I have heard since I found out 24 is coming back to Fox in the near future.  For Bostonians, this is big news and something people have been praying for for years.  This calls for celebratory gifs to try to capture the excitement of people all over, who can stay out past 11:45 if they have to catch the T and/or not pay $40 cab rides.

So basically after a night drinking like Stone Cold Steve Austin at Tavern In the Square, Bostonians can now enjoy really drunken rides on the green line until 3:00 a.m.!

I'm not sure whose idea it was to make this happen, but this person should have a statue erected in their honor for making drunken dreams a reality.

It's basically a Christmas miracle. I hope that this was a brainchild of Mayor Menino in a way.  If it was his idea, then it is basically the equivalent of Varitek splitting the uprights to win a Super Bowl to end his Mayoral career. (see what I did there, you guys?)


Sorry, got kind of distracted there.  Anyways, this news is amazing and makes me want to do the same dance that Purple Shirt up here ^^^ is doing.  Party on, Purple Shirt. Party. On.

Did Steve ever graduate college? Has Blue been put down yet?  He must be getting up in the years.

Sure, this may only be in place to help the fact that the MBTA is broke and in a shambles, but the fact remains that drunk kids all throughout Boston are super pumped and just want to celebrate.  Seriously, March can't come fast enough.

There are now so many more possibilities for awesome stories on the streets of Boston in the wee hours of the morning.  I just kinda hope no one recreates the scene above while riding the Red Line after drinking one too many barley pop's.  I take the Red Line. No one wants to see that.