Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pop Culture Smorgasbord II: Featuring Annik

Sometimes, things don't make sense.  Nirvana's Nevermind wasn't named Spin Magazine's Album of the Year in 1991.  Sharknado is somehow a popular movie.  The newborn Prince wasn't named Ferris.  In a world where things don't often make sense, sometimes we need to slow down and have a reality check with pop-culture in today's world.  Pop-culture on it's own stands at times for what little sense it has, and sometimes it can be confusing.  Every now and then it can be nice to have some structure and talk about pop-culture with some added common sense.  For this, I hit my lovely and dear friend Annik, who has common sense (for the most part) and good taste in music, with 20 questions about today's pop-culture world.  Simple idea?  Maybe.  Entertaining?  Yes.  Enjoy this 20 question survey, and special thanks to Annik Spencer for taking the time out of her hectic, diva-like schedule to answer these.  I can promise you it is better than Spin's Album of the Year in 1991: Teenage Fanclub's Bandwagonesque.  Well done, Neexster.

1. Who is the Bob Dylan of our generation?


2. Mean Girls turns 10 next year.  Looking back on it, how did a Linsday Lohan movie become such a classic?

To start off, I believe that LiLo is truly a great actress who wasn't given the right opportunities to be remembered besides The Parent Trap and Mean Girls.  That being said, Mean Girls has become a classic piece of cinema because it's so relatable.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't recite a Mean Girls quote.  Girls like Mean Girls.  The LGBT community likes Mean Girls.  Straight guys like Mean Girls.  Parents like Mean Girls.  Even my Pop-Pop, who is 86 years old, likes Mean Girls.  I think you catch my drift...

You can go shave your back now.  Bye Jim.

3. Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, which celebrity do you think will kick the bucket next?

After Amanda Bynes, which will probably happen in the next 24 hours: J. Biebs.  And I can't wait.
You can attempt to hide your face, but not the hatred.

4. Is EDM here to stay or is it just a fad that won't go away (LOL THAT RHYMED)

Not here to stay.  The day it ends will be a very sad day for PLUR-ers everywhere.

5. Give me a band/artist that more people should know about.

I'm afraid that I have to shamelessly plug my good friend Sarah Borrello because she is THAT GOOD.  I have no idea why she isn't ridiculously famous and inviting me backstage at her shows already.  Go buy her music on iTunes right this second.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

I'm sorry I had to do that.  I'm a public relations major.

(ed. note: I have seen Sarah sing in person and Annik ain't kidding, she's very, very talented.  Check her out people)

6. Have any good jokes?

Why do you always ask me this?  No I don't have any good jokes.  All of my humor comes from being sarcastic.  Plus, this is a blog post about pop culture.

7. What was the best 90's toy?

Tamagotchis!  But can we talk about how needy they were?  Why was I tending to every need and want of a little electronic alien-looking pet?  I was five!  I could barely take care of myself.  Although, I really think they could make a comeback in high school health classes to teach girls about teen pregnancy.

All of that aside, I downloaded the Tamagotchi app on my phone last week.

8. What is the best show on TV right now?

Parks and Rec

9. Will there ever be a better wrestler than Stone Cold Steve Austin?

I have no idea who that is and I don't care.  They were playing wrestling on the TVs at a bar I was at the other night and I made them change the channel because EW.  Who wants to watch people hit each other until they bleed?  Isn't that the type of behavior you're supposed to run away from and call the cops?

(ed. note: I disagree with everything Annik said in response to this question.  Enjoy this video.)

10. I'm going to London in like 2 days.  What should I do there?

When I went to London seven years ago I went on an amazing Beatles tour!  I can definitely give you the name and number of our tour guide if you'd like.

11. What baseball team has the stupidest mascot and why?

My dad would probably take me out of his will for saying this but the Phillie Phanatic.  I'm sorry but what is that giant creepy, green monster supposed to be?  And don't even get me started on its mouth.  I think it uses its mouth to suck out people's souls like a dementor.

So much nonsense.

12. What're your thoughts on the comeback of vinyl records?

They're great if you drink all of your beverages out of Mason jars while riding your classic Razor scooter to Sunday brunch in Brooklyn.

13. What comes to mind when you think of Beyonce?

See question 1.

14. Did you have a Razor scooter?  If so, what color did you have and do you think they will come back as the new hipster craze?

It's funny that you bring that up.  Mine was green and I was so obsessed with it that my mom insisted that we bring it on our month-long vacation to Scotland.  She literally brought it in a carry-on on our flight.  Talk about dedication.  As for the hipster thing, see question 12.

Ol' Faithful.

15. Do you think Oasis was overrated?  Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova were good songs but when I think of British rock bands today I think that both Radiohead and Blur surpass Oasis.

Seems like you answered your own question.  I'll just add this:  Beatles > all other British rock bands ever.  Sorry, it's true.

16. Speaking of bands with fighting brothers, should Kings of Leon just stop making music?

I actually just had to Google Kings of Leon to find out what they're up to so I guess that answers your question...
These guys stink.

17. What is your go-to funny youtube video to show people?

The video of the baby laughing at her dad ripping paper.  I really have no idea why I think it is so funny.

18. Why do you people still keep up with the Kardashians?

Because Rob's fat now, Kim named her child after a direction and both Kylie and Kendall are finally at an age where guys can fantasize about them without feeling creepy.

19. What do you think the Prince should have been named?

Vince.  For obvious reasons.

20.  You get to go to a dinner party with any 5 people in the world, living or dead.  Who are they?

Beyonce, Adam Levine (his fiancee WOULD NOT be invited), Jennifer Lawrence, Atticus Finch, and the guy who decided that iPhone chargers should be three inches long so I could yell at him and ask him to leave.

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