Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bow-Wow. Chicka Chickaahhhh.

So today youtube presented us with a magnificent gift: a trailer for a super bowl commercial involving Ferris Bueller. In case you haven’t heard of youtube or just don’t feel like clicking the link above, essentially it shows an aged Matthew Broderick in a robe, pushing open his curtains and saying “how can I handle work on a day like today” complete with a musical “bow wow, chicka chickahhhh”. Along with this glorious scene is the date ‘2.5.12’ which just so happens to be the date of the super bowl. The big question everyone is asking and hoping for, is if a sequel to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off will actually happen.

If you were to show me a person who doesn’t like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I’ll show you a person who is a liar. Truth be told, everyone is a fan of Ferris Bueller. He’s a hero to normal kids. Popular, savvy, fond of cheetah prints, dates a girl named Sloane, it’s impossible to not like him. Everyone wishes they could pull off half of what Ferris did on his day off during their high school years. There is a good reason why this short, 10 second clip already has 3.2 million views in a span of two days- it could give us the sequel to the greatest movie of all time. The thing that scares me? It’s a commercial of a trailer for a trailer to a movie. Ya dig? This was just a youtube clip. Who knows what will happen on Super Bowl Sunday. You can argue that some form of a commercial will take place, but what will it consist of? Basically, there are a few options. 1. We will get an official trailer commercial for Ferris Bueller 2. B. Some crappy company like Honda or Nabisco will use Ferris Bueller in a commercial to promote something, and the ad campaign will work gloriously due to everyone thinking the commercial was for a movie. 3. It will be Matthew Broderick doing a commercial for something and just giving the world a giant case of blue balls.

To be honest, I never have faith in things. These days I’ve learned that if something is too good to be true, it isn’t. This is why I am skeptical about Ferris Bueller 2. I mean what could happen? Ferris takes a day off from work? Is he married to Sloane Peterson? Has Cameron suffered a nervous breakdown yet? Is Ferris still considered a righteous dude? What about his sister who was also in Flashdance? Will Charlie Sheen make another brief cameo in a police station? There are just so many questions and so many possibilities that it is hard to tell what would happen in a sequel. You can almost make an argument that Ferris Bueller shouldn’t have a sequel because the first one was just so perfect. Let’s face it, it would take a lot to get people to overlook the ‘twist and shout’ parade scene, or the prank phone call scene where Cameron pretends he is George Peterson (Rooney, pardon my French, but you’re an ASS-hole!). Some movies just shouldn’t have sequels. Think of Jaws 2. Remember Scream 2? Legally Blonde 2 was just awful. I mean some movies should just stop when the credits started rolling. It’s a tricky situation with a movie like this. Even making things harder is that John Hughes isn’t on this planet anymore, so a new director would have to take over. Skepticism is the key here.

This being said, it would really, really suck if this is just a marketing ploy for some company. Super Bowl commercials ain’t cheap, so for someone to trick everyone into thinking that a commercial for Ferris Bueller 2 is actually a car commercial would take a lot of balls. There would be a lot of bad publicity and/or backlash for a stunt like this, which makes you think that perhaps there actually is going to be a second movie.

As I sit here half-drunk typing this, I can’t help but notice the giant poster right above my laptop just staring at me in the face. Ferris Bueller reminding me that leisure rules, and the ‘one man’s struggle to take it easy’ line that is at my eye level right now sort of leaves me feeling unsure about this. Obviously I’d love to see a sequel of Ferris Bueller, but it has to be good. I, like most of you I’m sure, will be very pissed off if this teaser is a commercial for something pointless like a car. It’ll be interesting to see what happens on Super Bowl Sunday, but I’ll have my fingers crossed that it’s a sequel. Even if it sucks, we will always have the awesomeness of the first one to fall back on.

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