Friday, February 19, 2010

An Interview With Danny Allen

Danny Allen is a fine young man. He may seem like a depressed lad who I often mention on my blog, but this is not always the case. To prove to all of you that he's alright, I decided to interview him through AIM. Enjoy. Keep in mind that the best word to describe Danny is stoic.

Jim- Danny, how are ya?
Danny- I'm the usual. Melancholy.
Jim-Ah yes, aren't we all. Let's start things off with word association, you ready?
Danny- Yes.
Danny-Upside Down.
Jim- Breakfast at Jimothy's
Danny- Delicious.
Jim- Your childhood
Danny- Lacking.
Jim- My future
Danny- bleak with cracks of promise.
Jim-i'll take that, enough word association, how do you feel having the spotlight on you for one of my blogposts
Danny- i think itll give me a chance to right some wrongs
Danny- let the people know where i have breakfast
Jim-right some wrongs? how so?
Danny-truth be told, i smile more than im given credit for
Jim-shut up
Danny- swear to god
Jim- okay, I believe you but my tommy gun don't
Danny- i mean i wouldnt classify myself as a big time smiler
Danny-but im known to dabble
Jim- i can see that, moving on now, who were your idols while growing up?
Danny- real or imaginary?
Jim- both.
Danny-i liked nomar until he left
Danny-bledsoe too
Danny-my childhood was a highway of heartbreak
Jim-is that why you're so depressed so often?
Danny-i think so
Danny-so much heartbreak at such a young age
Jim-sounds like you had a childhood similar to 50 cent or lil wayne, only you never were shot
Danny-nor will there ever be a movie about it
Jim-that might be a good thing. if you were to have a movie made about you, who would play you
Danny-good question
Danny-id like to take the dry sense of humor of paul rudd
Danny-the toughness of keifer sutherland
Danny- and the looks of matt damon
Jim-i'm not sure why, but that makes sense.
Jim-would it have any similarities to any Quentin Tarantino films
Danny- i like his sick sense of humor
Danny- but my feet arent pretty enough for the close up
Jim- he does love feet, that's for damn sure. so at the party last friday night, you seemed in a chipper mood. has life been good to you recently? I mean after all, you told Sean Mottola that you originally thought he sucked, and now you think he sucks less
Danny- i realized that sean and i have a lot more in common than i thought
Danny-he can be kind of a prick and i can relate to that

Danny-i also got to control the music a little more, so i liked that too
Jim-yeah that's a powerful feeling, it's like the parade scene in ferris bueller's day off
Danny-think about this: theres so much in life that we cant control. weather, homework, other people. the fact that for a half hour at a party i can play music that i like without anyone cutting me off, its nice
Danny-little things like that are enough to make one's day
Jim-you bring up a valid point. should we discuss the book?
Danny-lets do it
Jim-okay, so what was your initial reaction when I asked you to join me
Danny-well if i remember right you asked if i had interest in helping you with a project you were working on. i said sure, what's it about. and then you went 12 hours without texting me back
Danny-then i found out about it and was ecsatic
Danny-mainly because i think my opinions are fucking awesome
Danny-so now others can read them
Danny-and agree that my opinions are fucking awesome
Jim-sorry for the delay, some drunk kid just came into my room and gave me matt and matt free dunkAroos
Danny-no apology necessary
Jim-isn't PC nice?
Danny- i was hoping you were going to use pc in word association so i could say safety school

Danny-ill be back in a sec
Danny-i have returned
Jim-the drunk pc kid just strip searched ryan urk claiming he was a terrorist and is now shooting us with a vaccum
Danny-u-s-a! u-s-a!
Jim- i couldn't have said it any better myself. back to the book
Jim-what are you expectations, and what would you tell someone you just met to get them to read the book
Danny-i would tell people that the book is like the modern day old testament
Danny- or it will be
Jim- I think that's fitting. Have you thought of a title yet? cause i haven't
Danny- i have not
Danny- a good blogger would accept suggestions in the comments section of this post
Jim- i was thinking of that, but so many people leave such vile messages that i'm scared of what i'll get. now that i think about it. i'll do that, it's a great idea daniel.
Danny- itd be non binding
Danny- maybe wed get sometihng to build off
Jim- i'll take it. how about the tshirts. we gotta make sweet blog tshirts
Danny-yes we do
Danny- whens the next time you work for Michael (my dad)
Danny-he could be our distributor
Jim- i'll get a contract, we just need to think of a good tshirt idea that mocks pop culture
Danny- we had the pulp fiction idea'
Jim-yeah, i wouldn't mind doing the clash london calling album
Danny- i was just thinking that
Danny- seriously
Jim- and imagine our book cover?
Danny- we need a title
Danny- or a working title
Danny- jim and dan write a bad romance
Jim-did you get that from lady gaga?
Danny- that title sucks

Jim-one last question
Jim-you're stuck in an elevator, who do you hope is in there with you
Danny-how many choices to i get
Jim-whatever you feel necessary
Danny-make that a spin off for the cover
Jim-i like that alot
Jim-me and you
Jim-then two hot girls
Danny-im thinking you need a celebrity who would either crack jokes or be pissed about it
Danny-and be funny either way
Danny-then you need your famous eye candy
Danny-and you friend to be the witness
Danny-youd be my friend/witness
Jim-i need names danny
Jim-anyone you have in particular
Danny-i put mary lynn rajskub in
Danny-or rainn wilson
Danny-for the funny guys
Danny-and eye candy i would do lindsey vonn
Danny-because shes a hero and kinda hot
Jim-okay i'll take that
Danny-anything else?
Jim-no, thank you for partaking in the interview
Danny- thanks for the opportunity

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