Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Gonna Makedamnsure that Buddy Holly was at The Rock Show

Before we get down to business about the 90's, I need to give a very important shoutout to a very important woman in my life. My very dear friend Rachel Wall became a key part of this blog before I even decided to create it. She gave me the nickname of Jimothy before anyone else, and deserves a huge shoutout for it. Without her, my blog would have a different name. So to thank Rachel for garnering over 400 people checking me out through this blog, I'm going to return the favor and let numerous people check HER out. Rachel is a very fun, outgoing girl who likes to have a good time. She's currently looking for an adventurous man who enjoys Twilight, the Boston Red Sox (especially this guy), and long walks on the beach watching the sunset. She lives in nearby Massachusetts, and as you can tell from the following pictures, is quite a looker, and looks good in a bikini while taking pictures of someone else. Now I'm not going to pick out a good man for my good buddy Rachel, I'm going to let her do that for herself. So if you think you can have a shot of love with Rachel Wall, here's her facebook!

Now let's get on to business. Saturday night I went to arguably one of the greatest concerts put together. Taking Back Sunday, Weezer and blink-182 all in one night. Now when you think about it, excluding Taking Back Sunday, Weezer and blink-182 were very influential bands of the mid-late 90's. Who can forget some of their timeless hits such as Weezer's The Sweater Song or blink's All The Small Things? Everyone has seen the music videos for Buddy Holly and What's My Age Again?, and no one will ever forget them. The 90's not only consisted of great bands, but also great movies. Look at the Mighty Ducks franchise. Quentin Tarantino's debuts with Reservoir Dogs and then Pulp Fiction. The Fresh Prince gave the world the greatest opening theme song of all time (yeah I gave you the link to the FULL version, I'm too good to you guys). Much has changed in the sports world from 10 years ago. Back then, Michael Jordan was draining buckets, Gretzky was scoring goals, Brett Favre was contemplating retirement, and Mark McGwire was on steroids. Now, Lebron James is draining buckets, Alex Ovechkin is scoring goals, Brett Favre is still contemplating retirement, and A-Rod is on steroids.

Now some people would argue that nothing really happened during the 90's. Some may say that the 80's were better because people had style and wore their hair like this. Then again, some may say that the 70's were decent, thanks to Blue Oyster Cult creating the song Don't Fear (The Reaper) and this movie. The 90's however were superior to all other decades. I was around for 115 of the 120 months in the 90's, so I have a good sense of what made this decade so good. Therefore I will provide a few reasons for you to bust out your Pogs while you keep on grieving over this guy. Kids can break up their memories into 4 main groups, they are Commercials, TV Shows, Toys and Music, so I'm going to go through each category and pick out the highlights of each, and you will see/remember why the 90's was the last decade of the century. You save the best for last. That's why.

The Commercials- In what other decade could you combine Super Mario and Macaroni & Cheese? I don't see it happening in the 50's. Everyone can remember the way Domino Champ Charlie Armstrong eats a Reese's, just like how everyone remembers In-Line Skating Barbie.

TV Shows- There are simply just too many to list. I mean there are the obvious shows, such as Hey Arnold!, Kenan and Kel, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but let's take time and reflect upon some of the shows we have once loved and have forgotten about. That's right, I'm talking about The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron, and of course, Street Sharks. Can the 70's really live up to these shows? I'd take Clarissa Explains It All over The Facts of Life any day of the week.

Toys- Since I'm assuming most of you reading this are around my age, you'll remember most of these toys. The 80's may have had fun with their pet rocks, but why have a pet rock when you can make your own pet rock out of Play Doh? Remember Perfection? Cause I do. My mom didn't have the pleasure of playing with a Skip-It in the 60's, but my little sister sure as hell did in the 90's (yes that really is a picture of my sister). Even I had fun with a Skip-It in the 90's. There really is no contest here when it comes to toys. I'm wasting my time even arguing this.

Music- Where to begin. Nirvana. I'll start with Nirvana. Imagine a world without "Smells Like Teen Spirit", nor with this cd cover. Now imagine if Kurt Cobain and stuck around for the remaining half of the 90's and wrote more songs like "Rape Me". Scary huh? The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, The Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Pearl Jam all owned the 90's for Rock. Of course, the 90's wasn't all about rock, remember Diddy when he was Puff Daddy? 2pac and Biggie were staples of the 90's until they got shot. Outkast was just starting to make it big while Dr. Dre was making his legend grow day by day in 90's. The only painful part about music in the 90's was watching these guys, these guys (God that smiley face shirt is horrible), and these three girls on TRL with Carson Daly every day.

Oh well, I guess this is enough of a flashback for a while. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the memories of the 90's. This being said, it only takes the tip of the iceberg to prove that the 90's is superior to all other decades. The next blog posted will be an already written post by Tom "JOM" Silva of Seekonk Massachusetts. I've read it, and it is easily on of the strangest and most corrupt pieces of literature I have ever laid eyes upon. I honestly think this kid deserves to be put in the Funny Farm after reading it. Anyways, its only fitting that I leave you with a song I wrote on the way home from the blink-182 show. I realize it's awful and the ending is corny but it's better than anything Panic! at the Disco ever wrote:

&$ck me that was fun/We all had the hot dogs in the bun
Travis Barker wept so sadly/But &$ck that the show ended gladly
Oh Deer, Oh my/we're waiting in the lot to get on the fly
Oh Deer, Oh my/I can't believe Megan Fox is bi
I kinda wish we were &$cked up/but I could just settle for some coke in my cup
My mom just left for London on vacation/go check my facebook, I have 3 notifications
Oh Deer, Oh my/Weezer made us high
Oh Deer, Oh my/with my feauxhawk I look sly
Fighting in the back with Shaina and Wade/after a night like this, we're all getting laid
Driving right behind a mercdes-benz, what a night it was, spent with friends.

Welp, see ya later.


  1. Well, the fresh prince theme has retaken it's rightful place stuck in my head, and you forgot about Mr. Bucket, tech decks, and most importantly LEGOS.

    I'm still laughing at the backseat song.

    -Wade Phillips

  2. damm imma hit dat rachel up she smokin whea can i find dat bitty at