Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boston Red Sox 2013: An Apology and The Impossible Dream 2

For the first time on this blog, I am going to start with a sincere apology.  Boston Red Sox, I am sorry for doubting you. 

I had no faith in you at the start of this year.  To be fair, on paper, there wasn't much to be excited about.  At best, I figured you would be lucky to finish 3rd in your division.  I laughed at the thought of this team making the playoffs.  After the debacle of 2012 and that dipshit Bobby Valentine, I figured this year may be slightly better, but not by much.  I wanted a rebuilding year, which for most teams in the Red Sox situation at the time, probably would have been a good idea.  I lost faith in the Sox.  

When this season started, you started winning, and I'll admit it kind of caught my attention, but I found myself waiting for you guys to cool down and come back to earth.  I will say that I was not alone in this thinking, as attendance was down and that ridiculous Fenway sellout streak finally came to an end.  People were pissed at this Red Sox team.  The Fenway Faithful were now the Fenway Doubtful, and it was with good reason after how terrible last season was.  This 2013 team was off to a fluke of a hot start.  No chance they keep it up.  I was waiting and waiting for them to cool down while they kept on winning and winning to prove me wrong.  The whole beard thing was starting with Mike Napoli and what seemed like a combination of a Johnny Damon meets Duck Dynasty ripoff has now become a weird sort of facial hair rally-cry.  
Looked like Jesus, Threw like Mary.

This team who I thought would be abysmal has turned things around and become the darlings of Boston once again.  The Sox haven't had a good playoff run in a few years now, and it just feels right having them back in the Fall Classic.  Sox fans around my age are incredibly lucky to have seen two World Series titles in their lives, with the possibility of a 3rd coming up this week (please, God).  It feels like 2004 again, with late inning heroics (Big Papi, Victorino, etc.) and pitching performances that we'll be talking about for years to come (Jon Lester, and I guess Lackey).  This team is essentially the Impossible Dream 2.  If Macauly Caulkin were to win the Oscar for Best Actor next year, it would be less of a shocking turnaround than this Red Sox team.  
Boy was The Harp hopping when this happened.

All in all, I am happy to be proven wrong by this Red Sox team.  The Sox have a chance to win the title at Fenway in front of their fans for the first time since 1918 when the likes of Bullet Joe Bush, Sad Sam Jones, Dutch Leonard, Hack Miller, Red Bluhm and some 23 year old named Babe Ruth beat the Chicago Cubs in a game that was under 2 hours (side note: those names were all real and all awesome.  They just don't give out names today like they used to).  I want to party like it's 1918.  Sure, a parade of Duckboats may have replaced some Horse and Buggies trotting down Boylston St., but Boston still likes to party and this would be one for the ages.  This World Series title would be one of the most surprising ever, and I mean, who doesn't love a parade?  It almost makes the year of Bobby V worth it.  
Bullet Joe Bush loved Flappers

It still doesn't make sense how this team got to where they were.  Maybe it was not having pressure going into this season due to low expectations.  Maybe it was the drive to prove people wrong.  Maybe it was the need and desire to make this city proud once again, even after tragedy hit it a few months ago.  Who knows what the reason is, the point is that it has worked.  They have shocked people and proved early doubters like myself wrong, and I'll gladly admit to be wrong (for once).  No matter what happens these next few nights, this team did something special for this city.  You never know what can happen each year, which makes baseball awesome.  Back in 1967, the Red Sox were coming off of a terrible year in which they finished in last, and then made it to the World Series and shocked the world.  This team gave fans what is now referred to as the Impossible Dream.  This is no doubt the Impossible Dream 2.  Let's just hope they finish the job and win it all.  I guess it goes to show that even after a year of misery, and with low expectations present, you just have to keep the faith. 

Go Sox. 

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