Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help. My Doppleganger is in a Boy Band

Being compared to famous people is normally pretty cool.  Think about it.  The majority of famous people are good looking, get to do things normal people can't, and in turn, hang out with other good looking people.  As a normal person, I tend to like compliments.  If a girl tells a guy that he looks like Brad Pitt, then I'm sure the young man in question would be thrilled.  Being compared to a famous person (for good reasons, I'm sure no one wants to be compared to Mel Gibson these days) is obviously awesome.  I'm sure if my roommate Sean "DJ Party Shark" Mottola that his bass drops rival those of Skrillex, he'd probably blush.  I know for a fact that fellow roommate Matt "The Rat" Rizzini prides himself for looking like the lovechild of Seth Meyers and BJ Novak.  Being compared to someone is a big boost to the ego in most cases, yet sometimes it can get ugly.  Here lies my problem.
Over the past few years, dating back to high school, I've been compared to two famous people, neither of which do I really agree.  The first was Gordo from the damn Lizzie McGuire show.  Eh.  I could see the hair similarities, but still.  It isn't too favorable to be compard to the nice guy/hopeless romantic forever stuck in the friendzone until the Lizzie McGuire movie.  Who wants to be a supporting character on a sitcom that caters to middle school aged girls?  Not me anyways.  Plus, what the hell has Gordo done since then?  I'm not even going to bother to IMDB that dude because I think I already have a pretty good idea of his career since that show ended.  Overall, not a big fan of the Gordo comparisons. 

Here I am consoling Lizzie after a tough breakup.  She was wasted.

The second famous person I've been compared to based on my dashingly good looks and hair is Shia Labeouf.  To be honest, I only see a slight resemblance to the Transformers and Even Stevens star, but I'll take it.  Much better than Gordo.  Disturbia is a good movie.  I'll even forgive him for the newest Indiana Jones.  Overall, it made me sorta happy to be compared to him by a few people.  Up until recently, I haven't had many other celebrity dopplegangers, which was okay with me.  Then, out of nowhere, everything changed.
Eat Your Heart Out Shia.
Couldn't get a nicer tie?
A few months ago, my friend Nicole Stuver told me that I looked just like some kid in this band called The Wanted.  I was having a few drinks and thought nothing much of it, but everytime I saw her she would remind me of this kid from The Wanted.  I didn't do much research, mostly because I didn't want to know if I really did look like him.  All of Nicole's roommates (those crazy Shutta Shutta Island chicks, from Christine The Gimp to Emma Wrong) agreed to this lookalike business.  For months I brushed this off until a week or two ago when more and more people gradually started telling me this, coinciding with The Wanted climbing the Billboard charts and gaining fame.  Many people have been telling me this, from Salve Regina girls, to my own commencement date Alex AND her sister Caitlin, even my friend Nadine, the same girl who thought my Austin Powers Halloween costume was supposed to be George Washington thinks that I look like this kid from The Wanted.  It's been keeping me up at night for two weeks.  Finally two nights ago during the aftermath of the Avicii concert, I caved and let Alex and Caitlin show me this kid.  Needless to say I am mortified.  These guys are a true boyband, which bothers me.  I look back on this and have to think of guys my age during the late 90's who were getting compared to members of the Backstreet Boys, or any member of *NSYNC not named Justin Timberlake.  It's embarassing nowadays.  I'm sure no one from those days are going to bars and picking up chicks by saying "you know girls used to say I looked like Lance Bass".  Okay maybe that's a bad example, but you know what I mean. 

Peace, indeed.
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I don't know what's worse, the shirt or the monkey.
I don't know what it is.  Maybe I'm looking too much into this and feeling wrongly about these accusations.  Maybe I should embrace it.  Then again, it is a boy band, and I hate boy bands.  They are Satan's answer to good music.  Essentially I'm using this blog as an outlet to rant about how I'm against this unsavory comparison I have had to deal with over the past few months.  So I leave it to you, the reader, to settle this score and help me out.  Is this lookalike valid or not?  Do I have to face the hard truth of looking like a dude in a boy band or is it all bullshit?  Vote on the poll on the top right of the page and let me know.  By the way, The Wanted are really overrated. 

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