Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catholic School Girls Rock, Part II

I'm not going to lie, after Catholic School Girls Rock, Part I hit the web on Monday night, I feel like my life is forever changed. The immense gratitude from Catholic School girls has been overwhelming. I've been told it's breathtaking, all completely true, and some of the finest literature that has ever been posted on anything. I feel like any day now I'll be getting a call from some administrator at Bay View to tell me either A.) They want to put a statue of me on campus or B.) They want to sue me for slander. Either way it's a win win kind of. Anyways, next up is Providence College's very own Meg Reidy. Meg is easily one of my favorite PC girls, mainly because she actually talks to me unlike most girls on this campus. In addition, she is a tremendous volleyball player and everything she touches turns into gold. I'll spare you all the small talk, and let's cut to the chase. Once again, here is part 2 of 3 on figuring out who these Catholic school girls really think they are. Meg, your life may never be the same after people start reading this.

We’ll start easy and have some word associations. Tell me the first word that comes to mind when you see the following:

  • Plaid Skirts- easiest outfit decision ever

  • Abercrombie – double popped polo

  • Nuns – sr. edwardine

  • James Franco – do me

  • Softball - bomb

  • The Notebook – sappy, but every girl’s favorite ** sorry I didn’t listen to “first word” and I put multiple words. catholic school girls do what they want

  • Is it true that you will automatically start pouring tears whenever Konstantine by Something Corporate starts playing?-Absolutely not.

  • What was the strangest name of any Sister that worked at Bay View?-Sister Perpetua

  • Are laxbros all they are cracked up to be?-Yes. Hot but douchebags

  • Do you feel that as a catholic school girl, you are holier than thou?- Ehh not so much. Pray hard, party harder.

  • When dancing with a young man, do you always make sure to ‘leave enough room for the holy spirit’?- Have you ever been to a hendricken mixer? You would have your answer if you have.

  • Tell me about the best cat fight you ever witnessed during school.- Girl stormed out after fighting in the cafeteria and the door swung back and broke her nose.

  • On average, how many times did you hear the word bitch on any given school day?- 20

  • Is it true that girls enrolled at catholic all-girls schools do not care about make-up and appearance during the school day? Do you buy this rumor? Cause I don’t.- If we’re going to be anywhere in the vicinity of boys, that’s all we care about. If not it’s a high bun and makeup only if its from the day before.

  • You’re trapped in an elevator for a month. You can have any five items you wish with you. What are they- Q-tips, my blackberry, pizza, the kid who wears a backwards hat that lives a floor below me, iced coffee

  • Is Tina Fey an idol of yours?- Not particularly, but she is funny.

  • If things are getting steamy with a significant other, and the said male wants you to dress up as a catholic school girl, do you oblige him or smack the shit out of him?- I guess it could be fun to relive my 7 years at bay view…

  • Is there truth to the rumor that any male teacher at an all girls school is automatically deemed hot? Even if he isn’t all what he’s cracked up to be?- No, we still appreciate good looks. Its not like we’re locked up with all girls and driven to the point of liking just ANY male.

  • If offered a Bloody Mary for a choice of beverage, do you automatically accept?- I’d rather have a beer.

  • Please state your favorite Pope- Pope innocent the 3rd

  • When you were in middle school, did the store Hot Topic used to frighten you, or did you embrace it as a sense of rebellion?- Far too preppy to even step foot near the spiked jewelry.

  • Have you ever dreamed about being a model for Polo or Hollister?- Not really, just want their clothes

  • Are you any good at Croquet?- Can anyone be good at croquet?

  • If you could associate any rap song to your life, what would it be?- Hottest in da hood.

  • Did you have trouble picking out clothes for the first day of school in your freshman year of college after years of having it already picked out for you?- Put way too much effort into it, so yes.

  • Say I’m on a date with a former catholic school girl. How can I win her heart on the first date?- Wear a backwards hat,a polo t-shirt and sperrys and we’re yours.

  • Who is your dream husband, (dead or alive)?- The backwards hat kid I wanted in the elevator with me.

  • How many pairs of Uggs, leggings, and northfaces do you own, respectively? Also, do you feel that this is a type of non-spoken dress code that all girl once they hit college adhere to?- 5, probably 10, 6…Oops =) they’re all essential to comfort and that’s why we wear them

  • Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost?- Spirit fo sho.

  • Paper or plastic?- paper

  • The Strokes or The White Stripes?- Neither.

  • Should I keep my hair long or short?- SHORT. SHORT. SHORT.

  • *nsync or backstreet boys?- Both.

  • Bros or hoes?- Both.

  • Finish the sentence: Jesus is… - God.

Well well well. Children, what have we learned here? First of all, it is becoming apparant that Catholic school girls cannot follow directions when it comes to word associations and answer these in one word. Talk about rebels without cause! Secondly, I have to give props to my girl Sister Perpetua. What a name. Some kids would try to live a rough and rebellious life just in spite to their parents naming them something awful, but not Sister P. Sister P obviously found faith in the good Lord almighty to not make fun of a name like that. I mean and I thought James was a bad first name. Next up, who the hell is this kid with the backwards hat that Meg here met in the elevator? He's gotta be a stud. If anyone finds him on campus, I'll give a free shoutout to that person. If someone finds the kid and sets him up on a date with Meg, I'll give you a free blogpost where you can write whatever you want. Let's help a sister out. I also like the fact that Pope Innocent III is getting the love he truly deserves, although I find it hard to believe that both Kaitie and Meg both came up with this answer on their own. One final thing about Meg's answers: I would've paid a shit-ton of money to see that girl get into a fight, leave the cafeteria and break her nose from a door slamming in her face. That deserves to be on youtube.

Anyways, special thank to Meg for partaking in this soon-to-takeover-the-world study. Part three will be up Saturday, so hang in tight. Also, be sure to spread the word to your little catholic school girl friends and whatnot. This blog cracked 19,000 visitors (somehow), and I want to get to 25,000 before the year is over, so help me out.

So long, and goodnight.


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