Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Smiths Reunion Show

This is a pipe dream.  The odds of this are slim-to-less-than-zero.  It may even be a waste of a blogpost, but hey if I'm bringing this blog back from the dead, I may as well drag one of the greatest and most influential bands from the afterlife as well.  In the style of an ESPN 30 for 30, what if I told you…that the Smiths were to get together and play one last show.  What would be the reaction?  Where and when would this occur?  Why after all this time?  The Smiths have not played together since December the 12, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Six in the year of our Lord at the Brixton Academy in London for 'Artists Against Apartheid' which is a good thing for artists to be against.  Basically, turmoil hit a boiling point and the godfather of emo music, Morrissey blew everything up and has refused millions of requests to rejoin Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke.  In a short span, they gave the world a bunch of wonderful albums, and influenced bands from Brand New to Kanye West (jury is still out on that).  They came into the music world hot, faded rather quickly, and left many wanting more.  Now that it's almost been 30 years, and Morrissey announced that he has some form of cancer (along with the very Morrissey-like quote of "Well, if I die, I die."  Sounds like a Smiths B-side if you ask me) it may be now or never for one of the most sought after reunions of all time.  

As to how, when and where, who the hell knows.  There have been rumors for years about Coachella offering millions and millions for them to bury their hatchets and play a show, but Morrissey just won't budge.  If this miracle did happen, I'm guessing one of the gargantuan stadiums in London for just one night, with guaranteed vast sums of money and all sorts of demands.  All this bullshit aside, let's move on to the setlist.  

After fantasy football ended, an empty space has been in my heart for some time, so why not play a game of fantasy setlist?  Before I give you my dream setlist, I'd like to thank some people for their input.  These people enjoy the Smiths, were pretty pumped when I asked them and gave me awesome feedback right away, therefore, special thanks to Julie "Total Diva" Strano, Dave "Hey Isn't That Guy In the Attending?" Marcotte, and, of course, my Dad.  Hi Dad.  With their input, my ideas and, well, final say, here is the one time only Smiths reunion setlist:

1. Panic

2. Still Ill

3. Shoplifters of the World Unite

4. Ask

*First Morrissey Rant about the media.

5. London

6. A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours

7. This Charming Man

8. Frankly, Mr. Shankly

9. Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

*Second Morrissey Rant about how great animals are and how he will kill you if you eat meat.

10. Girlfriend In A Coma

11. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

12. Head Master Ritual

*Morrissey slam poetry against no one.

13. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

14. Hand In Glove

15. Boy With The Thorn In His Side

16. Meat Is Murder

* Third Morrissey rant, probably about animals again, or if anyone has pissed him off over the previous week, or how everyone wanted this god damn reunion to happen and he finally caved for the sake of it being over with.

17. I Know It's Over

18. Bigmouth Strikes Again

Encore 1.

1. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (Morrissey and Marr acoustic only)

*Slight possibility of band introductions, but don't bank on it.

2. The Queen Is Dead (Full Band)

Encore 2.

1. How Soon Is Now?

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  1. Love this site.....THE SMITHS FOREVER!!!!!!