Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Caving In Under Pressure

So my dear friend Annik turned 21 yesterday.  Over the years I've managed this blog, I've had numerous friends and sometimes strangers ask me to do a blog about them.  I've always said that will never happen.  Anyways, Annik tweeted at me today asking where her blog was that I probably drunkenly promised her for her 21st birthday, and since I'm on a mini-vacation until Monday I've decided to grant her this wish and make a blog about her.  Therefore, I'm kicking it oldskool and making up one of those things where you list adjectives for a person's name.  Is there a proper term for that?  Whatever.

Amusing: Because as much as I don't want to feed your ego, you are somewhat amusing. Texting Hofstra Campus Security and telling them that they suck for not giving you a ride home because you're a diva is very, very amusing.

Next: Because your class is the next to graduate college and then you'll feel as old and depressed as everyone else who has had to leave the paradise that is college :-/.  Sorry but it had to be said.

Napoleonic: Because you're short but also pretty powerful/influential.  Especially since you somehow got me to devote an entire blog about you.  There is also a chance that you will be banished to an island at some point in your life for causing too much trouble.

Incoherent: Because this describes the majority of the text messages I receive from you on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!

Keen: Because there are surprisingly few good adjectives that start with K, but I suppose you qualify as keen!

So I hope you enjoyed this Annik.  I still need to figure out what these things are called.  It was way harder making one for Annik.  Ya know, when I was in elementary school I only had to find 3 letters, so this was challenging.  Happy birthday you diva!

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